Current Students

Ying Wang

Ying Wang is a 5th year Ph.D student in ICME. He is interested in algorithms for graphs, in particular the network alignment problem, and its application to large datasets.

Xiangrui Meng

Xiangrui Meng is a Ph.D. student in iCME. He is interested in sparse linear systems, compressed sensing and adaptive methods for PDEs.

Farnaz Ronaghi Khameneh

Farnaz Ronaghi is a 2nd year Master student in MS&E. She is interested in applications of user behavior logs in search engine optimizations, mining social data and natural language processing. She is currently working on keyword extraction and automatic title generation.

Former Students

David Gleich

David is a recent graduate from ICME.  He is interested in large scale graph and matrix computations and their application to informatics problems including data exploration, search, and cross linking information.  For CADS, he has worked on visualizing the Library of Congress subject headings, developing a few internal search prototypes, and formulating and implementing algorithms for network alignment.

Nathan Sakunkoo

Nathan is an MS/Ph.D student in Computer Science, Information Science and Technology at Stanford. He is interested in Visualization and Internet Algorithms.

Anwei Chai

Anwei Chai is a Ph.D. student of iCME. He is interested in mathematical modeling and scientific computing, especially mathematical image processing, numerical linear algebra and PDEs.

Vinayak Ganeshan

Vinayak is currently a 2nd year Masters student at iCME. His academic background is in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

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