Faculty Members


Prof. Margot Gerritsen

Professor Gerritsen's research interests include computer modeling and laboratory experiments of flows through porous media with particular emphasis on gas injection and in-situ combustion processes; simulation of coastal ocean processes; energy resources analysis; computational mathematics with special interests in large scale linear and nonlinear solvers; and search algorithms.


Prof. Amin Saberi

Professor Saberi joined Stanford in January 2005. Before that he was a post-doc at Microsoft Research. He is interested in the design and analysis of efficient algorithms especially in the areas of algorithmic game theory and approximation algorithms. His interests also include modeling, design, and algorithmic analysis of large-scale complex networks such as the Internet, WWW, or peer-to-peer networks.

Former Faculty Members


Prof. Gene H. Golub

Professor Golub had worked with matrix computations and their applications for over 50 years. He developed and analyzed algorithms for solving linear systems with special structure, solving structured eigenvalue problems, and estimating functions of matrices. His work had applications in mechanical engineering, genome analysis, large-scale search engines, and statistics.

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